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About Me!  :)

I am a married, stay-at-home mom of two boys ages 13 and 11, and a three-year-old German Shepherd named Maddie. My parents live around the corner and I spend a bit of time helping them out as well, they are ages 80 and 96.


My first love is taking care of my family and my home. I also love being creative. Eight years ago I went to a trunk show at my neighbor's house. The woman was selling custom-made, personalized gifts. I was so impressed with everything that I spent $75 on three very simplistic personalized aprons. But, it didn't end there. I just couldn't stop thinking about the idea of personalizing different items with embroidery. I saved some money and went out to look for an affordable embroidery machine. Well, there was no such thing. So I kept saving until I had enough for the least expensive machine on the market. With it, I made many very lovely gifts. Most of the recipients of those gifts would often ask "do you have a business?" Well, at that point I did not, nor did I want to. I always feared that if I turned my hobby into a business it would become a "job." So, I resisted with all my might!


After five years of embroidery with my "starter machine" I decided it was time to consider purchasing a machine with more capabilities. After all of the requests for me to go into business, it was beginning to sink in.


When I eventually upgraded, it increased my ability to produce multiple items in less time, allowing me to make the decision to become a business. 


So here I am.  And after making hundreds of items, many of them identical, I've found that it isn't a "job" to me at all.  It's still a pleasure.  And it's one that I take the utmost pride in with each and every item I make, whether it's just one or a hundred and one. 


I'd like to formally welcome you to Straight to the Point, Custom Monogramming and Embroidery. If you like what you see, please give me a call or e-mail me. Thanks for stopping by!












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